about the company

Savour the Season has an artisan-centred approach to cuisine, handcrafting our goods using the freshest seasonal ingredients and traditional, time honoured techniques. We believe in creating something sincere by taking the time and putting in the effort to keep with tradition and bring out the simple yet extraordinary essence of the ingredients we are using. We want to preserve the art of authentic cuisine, starting with the source and continuing into our process, giving food the level of respect we believe it deserves.

Committed to sustainability and authenticity, we use locally sourced produce, adjusting for the differences in season and variety. We use natural, whole ingredients, using organic and heirloom varieties whenever possible.

We like to slow down and savour every part of our process. Using age-old methods and classic recipes, we want to provide a product that is honest and honours tradition and craftsmanship. By hand picking, cutting and crafting our product with care, we hope to share our love for artisan cuisine.

Savour the Season also offers catering services for small functions and gatherings, intimate dinner parties, personal chef and interactive cooking services. We can consult with you personally to create a unique and memorable dining experience that suits your needs and honours our philosophy.